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Writing an Essay is Easier than You Think!

There are many aspects to student life, some wonderful, some not so wonderful. One of the more ‘not so wonderful’ characteristics about being a student is the endless amount of essay papers they are assigned on a continual basis. There are many different types of academic papers a student will be required to write during their academic career and they range from a simple essay paper to a complex and lengthy dissertation, and every paper in between. Writing these academic papers can be a challenge for a great number of students even if they possess the writing skills that will be needed to complete all their papers successfully. But what happens to the students who struggle to write these important papers? Understandably, these are the students who every time they are assigned a paper asks themselves…’how do you write an essay’ anyway?

The fact is that when a student asks ‘how do you write an essay’ they are asking a very valid question that needs addressing. Many students especially when they reach the higher levels of education become uncertain on what exactly essay writing entails, as well as what an instructor is looking for. Many times, they even have difficulty differentiating between all the types academic papers they are assigned. Understandably, because their grades depend on writing these essay papers successfully any student can benefit from some help. For the most part, many of these papers all follow certain guidelines for writing them. Following just a few simple steps will not only give a student the answer to their question ‘how do you write an essay? It will allow them to improve their writing skills and hand in a paper they can be proud of!

These simple steps will guide any student into becoming a better writer and enable them to improve their chances for handing in an exceptional essay that is a reflection of all their hard work:

1. Research your paper thoroughly. Using every resource that is available to you will help you become an expert on your topic. Use the internet, libraries, and databases whatever resource you can find to support your topic.

2. Analyze your research. Think about the research you have gathered and its relevance to your paper’s topic. Think of questions to ask yourself so you can give your insight and opinion based on the research you have gathered.

3. Choose your thesis statement- make certain your thesis statement in clearly stated in the first paragraph of your essay. It will be the main point of your paper and everything else you write about will support this idea.

4. Create an Outline- Plan your paper’s argument by outlining your paragraphs will bullet points to describe each paragraph. Each paragraph should focus on a single thought or idea that supports your thesis statement.

5. Write your introduction –this will be the most important element to your essay. Impress your reader by setting the stage for your argument in a persuasive manner which will draw him in and keep him interested until the end.

6. Wrap it up with your conclusion - close your essay with a few sentences that will make your essay a memorable one. Bits of humor, a quotation, a call to action are all excellent ways to conclude your essay. As long as your conclusion is thought provoking and implores further discussion you will have produced a winning essay every time.

7. Proofread, edit and format- ‘polish your paper to perfection’ before you hand it in. Check spelling errors and grammatical structure. Make certain it is properly formatted, as well as properly cited.

If you remember to follow these helpful guidelines every time you sit down to write a new essay you will never have to wonder again ‘how do you write an essay because you will already have the necessary skills to create a successful and effective essay. Your essay will turn out to be one that is cohesive, insightful, and enticing to the reader from beginning to end and it will earn you that A you have worked so hard for!