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An Essay Outline is Crucial to Writing Your Paper

Are you a student who is having difficulty writing an essay? Hopefully it will make you feel a bit better to know that a great number of students, no matter what educational institution they attend, find writing an essay paper a challenge. Sometimes it is because they just cannot find enough time in their busy schedules, other times it is because a student is having trouble finding the research they need for their  paper; and still other times, many students simply don’t consider themselves ‘natural born writers’ and just aren’t confident their writing abilities. Whatever the reason, and yes… there can be many, getting the help you need to write your academic papers is critical, especially when your grades depend on it!

There are many sources you can go to for essay writing help: a roommate, an instructor, a book about essay writing, the internet, even an essay writing service. No matter what source or tool you choose to help you they will all tell you the same thing- an outline is critical to creating a well written essay. Of course, first you will need to know how to write an essay outline.

 One of the essential steps to writing an essay assignment no matter what type of paper you are required to write will be to learn how to write an essay outline. If you begin with this first step of making a ‘plan’ for your paper the rest of the writing will fall into place. There are guidelines to follow when constructing your outline. Following them will make the entire writing process go much more smoothly for you and will enable you to create an exceptionally written essay.

*State your topic

*Write your thesis statement

*Your introduction- this will be the main idea for your paper it will include your thesis statement.

*Paragraphs- each paragraph should focus on the main point of your essay. Use bullet points for each paragraph with information that supports your main idea. Make certain your paragraphs are clear, simple, and to the point.

For instance- if you want to persuade, use bullet points that focus on the research you found for your argument. If you need to explain a process, use bullet points to describe the steps. If you are trying to inform, use bullet points to state the information you found while researching your topic.

*Write your conclusion- keep it short and summarize your main idea by leaving a memorable impression on your reader.

If you use the above guidelines on ‘how to write an essay outline’ you will have a much easier time creating your paper. Starting your essay with an outline lays the foundation for all the information that you have researched and will present your findings in a clear and concise manner. It will also show that you have taken the time to think about how you want to present your thoughts, opinions, and research on paper in organized manner .Essay writing can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to begin. Like anything else that is constructed from scratch, you need a ‘blueprint’ of your creation, especially if you want it to turn out to be a ‘masterpiece’.